Garden Chairs

These garden chairs are made from green oak and to the client’s specification. They include owl detailing on the seat backs. The joints are glued and pegged together.

Millennium Falcon-shaped Raised Vegetable Bed

Made for a keen Star Wars fan. Made from green sweet chestnut, lined with damp-proof membrane and filled with seven tonnes of soil. I’m told the vegetables grown in it are out of this world…

Top-bar Beehive

As seen on BBC’s Gardeners’ World. A top-bar hive is a single-story frameless beehive in which the comb hangs from removable bars. They are popular with some beekeepers who believe it is a more natural form of beekeeping. This one is made from macrocarpa. Price: £350.

Garden Table

This table is made from green oak and, to date, is the largest piece of furniture I have made. It measures 6ft x 4ft. The table top and legs can be separated for ease of transportation. All the joints are glued and pegged together which makes this a truly robust piece of furniture.

Fruit Cage

Made from green oak and to the client’s specification, it measures 10 foot by 17 foot square. All the posts and rails are jointed and pegged together.