Chopping Table

The top of this piece was made from a left over section of kitchen work surface, and the legs and removable tray are made from radial pine. Two of the legs have wheels on for ease of movement. Made to customer’s specification.

Butcher’s Block

A huge piece of furniture. Measures 5ft x 4ft. The top is made from four-inch long, end grain cuts of walnut, cherry and beech blocks and it sits on top of a green oak frame with storage shelf. The corner brackets were custom made. Finished with six coats of food safe oil. Made to customer’s specification.

Kitchen Bench with Latin Inscription

Made from locally sourced softwood and to the customer’s specification, I have etched on the Latin name of the wood and the grid reference from where the tree was felled. The bench has an oil and wax finish.

Pine Chair

Made on spec for an art show from locally sourced radial pine. Finished with oil and wax.

Coffee Table

Made from green oak, this coffee table was designed to complement an existing table. The legs are four inches square, a very sturdy piece of furniture.